Risers are a matter of trust

Exact fit, backlash-free handlebar clamping without screws and easy assembly when laying cables through the handlebar - these are the cornerstones of the NHPower Riser.

The risers are manufactured in heights of 50, 75, 115 and 150mm for optimal adjustment of the handlebar.

The risers are available in flat, lens and ball head shapes.

The risers are installed and the handlebars are clamped using a banjo screw for cable entry from below on the fork bridge.

Thanks to the patented and TÜV-tested NHPower fastening principle, laying cables and mounting the handlebars is considerably simplified and the cables cannot be sheared off.

Due to the high clamping force, assembly up to a handlebar height of 800mm is no problem and offers not only a good look but also optimal safety when driving.