You are looking for high quality supply for Harley Davidson motorcycles and custom bikes?

Here you are at the right place!

As a producer of high-quality drive systems and supply especially for motorcycles of the Harley Davidson brand and other custom bikes, we started developing belt-drive systems in 1999. Our drive systems are manufactured to meet our customer demands.

We constantly adjust our products to the challenges of the market.

We manufacture on high quality 4- and 5- shaft- twist- and mill centresnaturally all made in Germany.

Challenge us with your wishes and desires and you will profit from our „Know- How“.

Our slogan

Maximum resistance and power transmission with the least weight. The drive systems are self- contained systems and are constantly weight optimized by state-of-the-art production processes.

Innovative advancements and adjustments to new engines and engine models are being realized immediately by our staff.

Our drive systems and new developments are always based on the original. Thereby the existing drive system can be replaced by a complete NHPower- drive without additional attaching parts and mechanical work.

For the new 6-gear Twin Cam models we can offer a drive system with integrated offset to remodel to wide base tires. The installation of a longer main shaft is not necessary any more.

To meet the increased customer requirements we developed drive systems all the way back to the model year 1964. This enabled us to design a support system for Pan Head models and Early Shovel models with Ratchet- Top- Drive and E-starter in connection with a 5- gear- starter. We extended the improved standard version of the clutch by a 9-friction plate- version. Dragster models can be supplied with our version as well.

To guarantee exclusiveness and the highest quality standards, we invest in our own patents. The latest computer technology (CAD) and up to date CNC machines support our in-house production and allow a short time of delivery.