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NHPower Drive Solutions

Since 1999 we develop and produce high-performance powerful window lifter, scissor actuator, wire rope lifter, heavy duty hinges, electric door opener and feet units for armoured vehicles and cash transporter with bullet-proof glass, security vehicles, special solutions for luxury limousines, municipal vehicles as well as partition racks and center or table consoles.

For Harley Davidson® bikes and Custom Bikes, Cafe-Racer, Dragstyler, Schweden-Chopper, Cruiser, High-Necker, Naked-Bike, Streetfighter or Tourer, Fulldresser and Bagger we offer belt-drive systems, wheels, wheel hub, footrest, controls and wide tires swing arm kits

Our company is characterized by many years of experience, flexibility and reliability in the field of 3D design and machining technology (turning and milling). Our network, which has been built up in recent decades, enables us to react quickly and flexibly to customer requirements. Our products are made in Germany with 4- and 5- axle turning lathe and milling machines.

We export our products worldwide as a supplier for automotive and customer.

Our motto

Maximum strength and power transfer with the lowest weight.