Belt drive system

Belt drive system

The NHPower high-performance belt drive is a self-contained system which will be delivered as a complete kit.
Just remove the entire old primary engine and install the new NHPower belt drive.
No further fitting parts are required.

Our advantages

  • Reduction of weight of up to 4 kg compared to a series engine
  • The offset can be integrated into the drive
  • No transmission offset and no complex disassembling of the transmission and
  • the main shaft
  • Exterior support (connection between crankshaft and main shaft)
  • Clutch 9-friction-plate version
  • Drive belt width 2,5“
  • Offset up to 80mm in 5mm steps
  • One-piece base plate made of a 70mm thick aluminium
  • Generator is fully covered
  • Support bearing main shaft OEM standard
  • Self-supporting starter pinion
  • Starter and pinion are embedded in a base plate
  • Seamless and integrated absorption for belt cover
  • Eccentric belt tensioner made of VA
  • Screwed flanged wheel on front pulley
  • We offer the drive systems adapted to all Big Twin engines and transmission combinations starting with the year of construction 1964 (except rotary top L79-86).
  • We can build in the original Softail 5-gear starter into a 4-gear transmission from 1991 to 2005.

Installation instruction is not available - we recommend the installation of our drive systems by trained technical staff.
Feel free to contact us for technical questions!

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