Hub & Wheels

Hub & Wheels

NHPower wheel hubs with drum brakes for motorcycles
Wheel hubs, brake drums, wheels, spoked wheels for BMW R45-R65-R75-R80-R100, K75-K100-K1100

Rim ring 3 "x18" black or polished with a strength certificate spoked in the middle.
Colors: natural for your own finishing, silver, black and bi-color
For the following swing arm types: Mono and Para-Lever, K75 / 100 Mono.
K1100 Para-Lever and Twin-Shock are in progress.

Front hubs suitable for 17mm and 25mm axle diameters and 4-hole brake discs.

In contrast to the standard hub, we can center the wheels with a 4 / 5mm EV (end-reinforced) spoke without adapter sleeves and without bending the spokes.

This means that for the first time it is possible to use any normal 18 "rim.

Aluminum, VA and chrome are no problem.

Wheel hubs with brake drums for other rim diameters or cross-spoke wheels on request.

Order numbers

Wheel hub with rear brake drum:

  • NHP-09-BTH-TS-xxx Twin-Shock
  • NHP-09-BTH-M-xxx Mono
  • NHP-09-BTH-PA-xxx Para-Lever
  • NHP-09-BTH-K-xxx K-75/100 Mono
  • NHP-09-BTH –KP-xxx K1100 Para-Lever

Front hub:

  • NHP-09-RNV-17-xxx Front wheel hub for 17mm axle
  • NHP-09-RNV-25-xxx Front wheel hub for 25mm axle
  • Front hubs not available in SBC and BBC !!

Colours: xxx:

  • ROH = unprocessed milled surface
  • SIV = Silver, refined surface similar to the original cast structure
  • SBC = Silver, like SIV, with polished ribs
  • BLF = Black fine structure powder-coated
  • BBC = Black fine structure powder-coated with high-sheen ribs