Wide tire swing arm kit

Wide tire swing arm kit

NHPower 300mm wide tire swing arm kits including primary offset

For 2008 to present Rocker, 2007 to present Softail and 2006 to present Dyna models we have redeveloped an inner primary case in original design with integrated offset.

The primary case enables everybody to mount a primary offset from 20 up to 55mm without complex removing of transmission (adequate tools and know-how assumed). Just remove the entire old primary engine and install the new NHPower primary case. Drilling and milling is not necessary.

The new redeveloped inner primary case requires no spacer ring and no second gasket.
The supplied secondary pulley is additionally supported at the inner primary case to acchieve maximum resistance by least additional weight for large offsets.

The supplied offset clutch hub has to be pressed into the clutch housing. Therefor a hydraulic press is necessary.

Our NHPower swing arm kits for Rocker and Softail wide tires up to 300mm are produced by special oval steel tubes in original rocker swing design (no standard swing arm).
All swing arms are supplied with screw covers and in a natural state (unpainted).

Included in delivery:
Inner primary case with integrated offset and mounting screws
Offset sprocket transmission T32
Swing arm up to 300mm wide tire on 11 inch rim in natural state (unpainted)
Sprocketshaft extension including mounting bolt
Clutch hub for offset

Necessary small material and a detailed installation instruction are enclosed.

Wide tire swing arm kit